20 Agave Species Seeds Mix - Excellent House Plants cactus cacti succulent

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  • Agave Species Mix Collection Assorted Seed Mix If you love Agave Species this is a mix that you shouldn't miss. Agaves are showy desert plants, handsome rosettes with spines on the tips. Native to the Americas, they thrive anywhere it's hot and dry, outdoors in zones 8-10, and excellent indoors on a sunny windowsill as houseplants. They need bright light, sandy soil, and very little water, perfect for global warming, or the absent minded gardener. Requires very little attention once established. There are hundreds of species of Agave, The variety of shapes and colors is amazing. Here is a collection of seeds from some of the most interesting forms. Plant them on the surface of a good cactus mix, keep warm and moist, and you'll soon have a collection of your own.

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